American shared charging bank market research

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American shared charging bank market research

Shared power bank has broad development prospects in the US market. As mobile devices become more popular and people’s demand for convenient charging services increases, shared power banks have become a popular solution. The following is some information about shared power banks in the United States:

1. Differences in shared power bank markets between China and the United States

China’s shared power bank market may be a new idea and a new business can start very quickly. However, the endurance of the U.S. market will be stronger, because markets like the United States are more mature, and due to historical reasons, the culture will be more diverse and mature.

In fact, the sharing economy is nothing more than ride shares like Uber and Lyft, people renting homestays like Airbnb, and some sharing brands in the United States that rent their own private cars. Because many American families may have some idle cars that can be rented to others to earn some rent.

At present, in the US market, several shared power bank brands have been born in 2018 and 2019, and they are still doing well.

2. Current status of the U.S. market for shared power banks

Chinese in the United States are more price-sensitive, and because those who have used shared power banks have used them in China, they may like to multiply the price of the product by 7 to convert it into RMB, so they will find it expensive, but in fact they are not very familiar with it. Go use these shared power banks in the United States. Secondly, most of these Chinese restaurants in Chinese areas in the United States are self-employed, so the credibility of their own brands may be relatively weak. When a street store provides electronic products of a brand that everyone is not familiar with, many people may give up using them because they do not have enough trust in the brand even if they have demand.

Therefore, when doing market positioning, you may first target the mainstream markets with the largest number of whites and blacks. Whether it is product image or user experience, we design and optimize it around the mainstream user habits in the United States. Therefore, your shared power bank brand and products will also have stronger possibilities and stronger affinity for them.

3. U.S. market operation strategy for shared power banks

The first step in operating the shared power bank in the U.S. market is to sign up large enterprise-level customers, such as Wal-Mart and MGM; the second step is to recruit franchisees and provide a large number of franchisee trainings.

Create wealth through some projects that share power banks that are simple and easy to operate and provide a series of supporting facilities. It is far more socially valuable and meaningful for everyone to be their own bosses and realize their entrepreneurial dreams than to directly operate all our locations ourselves.

4. The profit margin of shared power banks in the US market

In China, a 6-8 hole box, that is, a charging pile, plus a complete power bank, may cost several hundred yuan. The payback period may be 3-6 months, so it is very popular in China. The life cycle of a power bank is about 2 years, and the life cycle of a charging pile may be longer. Monster Charge’s financial report shows that its gross profit margin is over 80%. Therefore, this business is very attractive and is booming in China.

If we use the same accounting method to calculate, the gross profit margin in the United States will be even worse. Because our rental unit price is now within the national range, it may be around 4 yuan and 15 cents. You can multiply it by 7 to calculate. So our gross profit margin will definitely be higher. Including our agency work, our pricing will actually be higher. Compared to the price of a few hundred yuan in China, we definitely won’t sell it. So we can basically maintain a gross profit margin of 50%-60%. Even at the so-called wholesale price, we can maintain such a gross profit margin.

In the United States, whether they are C-end users or B-end users, their payment habits are very good. You see, when shared power banks first started in China, the first hour was free, right? We charged from the beginning, and in some places we even charged 5 yuan an hour, so we could make enough money.

If you are interested in developing a shared power bank business in the United States, it is recommended that you conduct market research, understand local laws and regulations, and choose Litapower shared power bank brand or operator for cooperation. At the same time, develop appropriate marketing strategies and promotion plans to attract users and increase revenue.



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